AK (September 30,1988 / Poland)


Penetration without permission
and they call it submission
tear me open and pour out the oblivion of my life
make me cry but if you do please make me die
there's a wound inside me
once laced with flesh it gapes open and grotesque
alll because of you
I feel this pain inside
stumbling through my youth I try to fight
You took my power when you took me and now I hate that you're not with me
not there to control me
ridiculous how I can't claim what's mine
control over my life
I hate you I know I do
I hate you for the pain inside
I wish you suffering
but not really
for the suffering is mine
the burden is mine
while you walk without thought
of me...

by Agata Konopka

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Please correct spelling of grotesque... Liked the poem. It sounds very real. H