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Substance Versus The Process
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Substance Versus The Process

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

In these mind awakening days,
It is no longer debatable...
About the quality of the substance.
But the process by which,
That substance is revealed.
Not only questioned,
By those conscious.
But also the ones left confused.
As to why common sense,
Is being denied and refused the use of it!

"Excuse me.
I had once been dumbed down.
With no hope to ever again,
Comprehend the meaning of reality.
Or survive the truth of it.
Whatever is going on,
I could not delude.
If I prayed on my knees for it.
Seven days a week."

-Welcome back.
While you were gone,
The unbelievable was born.
Consider this...

Is it the substance or the process taken,
By which to find it offensive?
The facts obtained,
Impossible for anyone to defend against.
Yet demanded with it to claim,
An innocence to pretend this,
Lacks the evidence to prove...
A pretense to use had been intentional.-

"Hold up. Wait a minute.
And the substance had been requested.
As well as the process taken to reveal it?
And now they claim,
The process had been tainted with facts?
Who on Earth do they expect to believe that? "

-Welcome back.
While you were gone,
The unbelievable was born.
And believe it or not,
The parents who 'consummated' this nonsense.
Are today's elected leaders.
Considered skilled and accomplished,
At decision making.-

"Someone had to lie! "

-About what? -

"Consummating something like that,
To actually claim to be its natural parents.
It is apparent to me,
This 'craze' was unknown to have been adopted!
And too embarrassed to publicly admit,
Being forced to adjust and adapt to it."

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