Substantial Men

   Substantial man,
     hold his bold attitude,

      I am not bold or a model;
      But in Maya Angelou way,
      When I begin to tell them,
      they (Girls) think I am telling lie,

     What I Say,
              I Say:

      It's the fierce of my words,
      The elegance of my hair Gel,
      boldness of my fame,
      is the curve of my abbs game;

     I am a bold man;
     a Substantial man,
     That's me.

     I swag in my way,
    the heatness of my sway;
    And to girls,
    they stare me,
    the perkness of my glee;

    Girls coddle their own arm,
    and stare with sexual charm;
    The blueness of my eyes,
    the embarkness of my sigh;

   the hardness of my muscle,
   and the sourness of my lips pickle;

  I am substantial,
       a substantial man.

  Women feels apetite in their thoughts,
   What they see in me,
   they try many soughts;
  my inner splendor,
   the boldness of my pure gender;

  The prickness of my belt,
  the sparkness of my watch,
  Highty raised confidential callar,
  Upbrim black tie with upmark stroller;

  Piercing button groove,
   With my lashing shoes;

   Now, they(girls) caught me,
   Why do I can't speak aloud,
  as fumes of male are so profound;

    flash of my personality clan,
       it's because,
         I am,
       a stagnant man.

by Azitej Anand

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