Poem By Pamela Davison

An indispensable moment,
Draped in poise,
Cradled me
In its enormous influence,
And waited to see
If I would earn excellence.

In the midnight twilight,
Where fluidness meets
The gravity of all we've known,
I felt a conversion
From sanctimony
To humility.

Perched high above
Stinging words
And glittering ego,
Stood an unadorned reminder
Of simple greatness
As formed by the original architect.

Oh, deliberate sphere,
Help me to emerge
From this wretched silhouette
So I may become
Something more

Comments about Substantial

There's some beautiful and haunting language here. Just when I feel it's too vague, you complete a thought and give me a whole picture even though there IS no concrete picture. Interesting. I'm still not certain whether you're talking abouta particular architect, in the 3rd stanza, or God.

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