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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

There are times when substitutions,
Can become the best solution...
To identify one's ignorance,
Replacing it to rid denials to admit.

Beating around the bush,
Wishing a love to give to one picked.
Can not be expected to be assumed,
If another is not made aware of it.

Playing hide and seek.
Keeping one's heartfelt desires,
Out of reach and believed...
Not to exist.
Teased mixed messages stay,
Unattractive to someone...
Misunderstanding the game played.
To turn away.

Too late confessions professed,
Leaves no effective interest kept.
And the one wishing,
To have been more direct...
Is introduced to meet,
A spouse or a lover...
Of someone who never suspected,
They were loved by the one...
Too 'stupid' to be direct.

Substitutions to use,
Can become the best solutions.
Especially for one,
Awakening to have regrets...
Of not being upfront and real.
Fearing to be rejected.

'I thought you understood I loved you
I thought I made that clear.'

-When? -

'When I pretended I didn't.
But around you I always appeared.'

-I'm not into games.
Or substitutions to expect,
I should accept...
I've been the only one selected,
For games of love to play your way.-

'What did you think,
My sent 'selfie' to you meant? '

-Was that YOU? -


-Then why wear a mask?
To say your heart beats for me,
As a 'special'task.
For laughs? -

'I thought you would take me,

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