IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Subterranean For M Lady Deana

Cascades of crystal water flow
into the waiting pool below.
The force and power of the descent
Renders the water turbulent.

Although hemmed in by rocky walls,
the pool beneath the water falls
is never known to overflow.
I wonder where the waters go.

Far, far away a river flows.
I have been told by one who knows.
Its source is that same rocky pool
which send its waters clear and cool

By secret streams deep underground
to where an exit can be found
A pathway to the world outside
to form a river deep and wide.

Close by its brink I sit and think
as shy wild creatures come to drink.
His explanation could be true
a train of thought which I pursue.

At last I find I must accept
this rather startling new concept
Which solves for me a mystery
I need no longer wonder why.

That distant pool won’t overflow
it has some outlet down below.
Which sets the pent up waters free
to run swiftly and secretly.

Through passages unknown to men
until it can emerge again.
Into the light where it can be
a broad stream dreaming placidly.


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A beautiful poem Ivor! Flows like the waters mentioned! *10 *! !
lovely to read. peaceful - thats the word! bravo.