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Suburbanites Are Frightened
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Suburbanites Are Frightened

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Even suburbanites are fightened,
By decisions they have made.
Even suburbanites have discovered,
From threats and fear there are no escapes.

Easier were the days,
When urban dwellers were accused...
To excite, ignite and invite decadence,
With it done to populate the evening news.

So better their lives to live,
With an isolating done to do it and prove...
That those 'inner city' people,
Were less 'civilized' and extremely rude.

Even suburbanites are fightened,
By decisions they have made.
The expense paid to feel safe,
From their own neighbors made them this way.

Profiled today is anyone,
Minding their own business with it done.
While the ones in the suburbs buy the guns,
Fearing threats to come and done...
By someone living next door.

'Aren't you concerned about the rise of crime?
Aren't you concerned about hearing it done,
And all of the time?
With more of it likely to come? '

~Not really.
I live in the inner city.
But I will admit,
Whenever I see someone known...
To live in the suburbs and visits,
I am more cautious and suspicious of it.~

'Why is that? '

~I'll ask you the question.
Why would anyone move from a place,
To make claims they feel unsafe...
And walk around as if,
They are without fear or feel threatened at all.~

'Maybe they don't watch TV.
Or maybe they are accustomed to reality.'

~I don't watch TV either.
But history?
That I do know about.
And my connection to that 'reality' as well.
Thank God I don't have corn to trade,
For alcohol.~

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