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Success And Image And The Face Of It
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Success And Image And The Face Of It

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Those who say,
Looks aren't everything!
Aren't the ones who are judged,
Based solely upon them.

And besides...
This can be deducted,
From what many prize.
Thick lips, nappy hair and brown eyes...
Are not considered standards,
By those who analyze.
Not for a beauty,
Considered to be immortalized.

No matter who is competent...
In a package that is presented!
If it doesn't suit the taste,
For those who select an image to digest.
As an appearance,
That suggests success...
And not a waste to regret.
It will be the 'image' one picks,
Over a competence that 'may' exist.

'But hasn't it been image and not substance,
That has increased in an invited decadence? '


'But who in reality today believes? '

Remember this...
Image speaks volumes.
And easier to hype.
On the other hand...
Reality is something placed,
On an equality wish list...
Not too soon to happen,
For the sake of changing...
Success and image and the face of it!

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