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Naguere - Prologue
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Naguere - Prologue

Poem By Paul Verlaine

Those who seek assistance,
To spearhead their own success.
Hope for an easy way to accomplish it.
With less stress and aggravation.
And without the breaking,
Of seen public sweat.

Some would prefer it gift wrapped,
AND delivered!

Success is not guaranteed.
Even when one places a bet!
Many who choose to gamble,
Are hopeful for the best.
But will come to grips with what they get.

If the mind is in doubt...
It does not matter what the outcome is about.
There will always be questions,
For those who sequester themselves...
In bewilderment.
And seeking approval to be convinced.

Being successful,
And having that expressed...
Depends on one's definition accepted.
As well as 'who' and with 'what',
Addresses the desired affect.

Some rather shop around for appearances.
While others bog themselves down with 'work'!
Because of concept and not perceptions...
Based upon satisfactions done.
And known to get down on knees...
If necessary in compliance with one's belief.

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