IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Success For Jon London

Deep down below your conscious mind
another different world exists
Where it is possible to find
discarded dreams you left behind.

Because you chose to chase success.
You put your cherished dreams on hold,
your only thought to make progress
Towards your goal of more not less.

The happiness you hoped to find
In truth was just another dream
You fell for lies which were designed
to cloud your clarity of mind.

They succeeded obviously.
You were seduced by greed into
a frame of mind which enviously
Demanded that you try to be.

The only winner in the race.
The man inspiring jealousy,
the leading man who set the pace.
Your one desire to hold your place.

Until the day you realise
Riches can not buy happiness
A thought which takes you by surprise
There is no room for compromise.

Success cannot be measured by
how much you earn and what you own
Such trappings cannot satisfy
the early dreams you let slip by.

The dreams you might have made come true
Ambitions that you left behind
are waiting still to welcome you.
Success is finding peace of mind.

So you resign from the rat race
There is no reason to compete
You do not need to hold first place
A simpler way of life is sweet.

You can rescue discarded dreams
and try your best to make them true.
Those youthful madcap crazy schemes
that you dreamt up belong to you.

You’ve wasted years amassing wealth.
Which never brought you happiness
Paid scant regard to your own health
when nothing mattered but success.

Although success can be defined
In different ways by different men.
For me success is peace of mind
Which I was glad to find again.


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