Joy Of Doing

in few days that didn't rain
ground hardened; already drain
still so soft for cows weight
solid enough for running deer
near rocks little stream flow
birds stop; sip water then go

some manage to wash their wings;
offer songs to their darlings
I listen and watch how they play
pretty smart; teasing each other
riding on backs; splashing water
reminds me home; children; happy

by Manonton Dalan

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Nicely recited.....
Nicely Written.................
......amazing first stanza, those who never succeed wish to taste the sweet nectar of success....they realize how sweet it can be moreso than the one who is successful ★
In the poem “Success is counted on sweetness, Emily Dickinson strongly supports that in order to understand true success, you need to be someone who constantly fails and gets defeated.
I think that she is expressing how she knows what sucess is because she was not successful in her lifetime, but after she died, she became well known.
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