You tossed all your silver like dice on the stage;
But I saw bright gold in your eyes.
You wore your silk cape with a nobleman's air,
And told me such beautiful lies.

I laughed at your wit and your sweet, winsome ways -
I let you be what you desired.
A thousand young fellows like you I have known -
A thousand young strangers inspired.

I watched as the gold in your eyes melted down
With ev'ry long draught of fine ale;
All drunken and smiling, you soon fell asleep
To walk in the dream of your tale.

You moved not a muscle; I softly approached;
Our lips met, and I felt your breath -
So warm and inviting - so full of your life -
So easily taken in death.

But death was still far in the future for you -
I deal not in ashes and dust;
I left you in pleasure, still wrapped in your dream -
My raging thirst slaked with your lust.

by M. Teresa Blaylock

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