Such A Beautiful Place

Poem By Uriah Hamilton

Gloomy faces in grocery stores
Traverse the aisles of the vegetables.
No one seems happy plotting out
And paying for their sustenance,
But personally, I adore
Every bag of gorgeously orange carrots
And the lovely dark green broccoli.

And how divine to see Italian wine
Or recently baked apple pies,
Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes
To be in such a beautiful place!

In reverence I bow my head,
I can’t wait to go home and say my prayers
And break my bread.

Comments about Such A Beautiful Place

Fabulous! I, too, love to go to the grogery store, especially during the holidays. I don't particularly like to shop, but I LOVE to look and smell all the holiday pretties! S
I'm adding this one to my photoblog today with a picture from the market! :)
This one is just thrilling to me. I wish I could bake you a pie. I'm going out for pumpkins RIGHT NOW!
I have written one about a supermarket, Uriah, but you have captured one in a much shorter way. It's made my mouth water! Sincerely Ernestine.

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