Such A Rush

It's mornin', I have to get up.
It's mornin', I hate to get up.
It's mornin', it's gonna be a busy day.

by Arsiema Berhane Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

One's day can get so busy and become so hectic that it's hard to keep up with plans, much less the unexpected. Your poem really states the truth of the matter.
A rush of a poem, indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed this. The words hurry us off to - reflection. - Will
This is coooool! I could here it being performed as a rap piece. Really like the way you switched scenes and then back in your cosy bed at the end. Love Gyp's
the universal task put bread on the table here given inner meaning the details so real and true a fine poem
Good poem, Arsiema. The accumulation of short staccato phrases and sentences piled one upon the other perfectly convey that sense of breathless haste that accompanies the morning rush to work. Very well done.
great poem girl...but did i miss something here since when do u take the sub way... loll cool one **KoN! **