Such A Strange Emotion

Such a strange emotion
Can have you in tears at the slightest word
A misinterpreted phrase
or gesture
Keeps you always alert, on your toes
expecting more.

Battles with youself
over its reality.
The pure implausability of it all
But there
always just there.

It can't be true.
A mirage.
Brain chemicals.
Figment of the imagination.

Another glance.

There it is - the surety of it is
That one look sets you racing
imagining life without it
Where does it come from?
your heart?
your mind?

No explanations
or questions
Just the knowledge of its existance

It is.
You are.
They complete you.

by Stephanie van Oudtshoorn

Comments (2)

Very nice Stephanie. I wonder if this is typically only women who feel this way? ? Great work. Sincerely, Mary
You're finding your own voice, Stephanie. Some of us don't find it until 30,40,50... until then, we are all engaged in responding deeply to experiences common to all humanity - and rightly so. So don't expect overwhelming praise! but as always, the greatest encouragement to a young poet - you're doing well, you're on the right lines - just keep writing! And as you discover yourself, you'll help others discover themselves... Your imagination is expanding nicely.