Such A Strong Word

Poem By Katelynn Farris

Love such a strong word
but yet you cant explain it
its just something that is extrodinary

Love such a strong word
You say you love somebody
What this means to me is something like this

You cant stop thinking about them
evertime someone says their name you smile
your heart feels like its floating
you get butterflys in your stomic or feels like its doing flips
you become relaxed when your with them
you want to spend all your time with them

When you break up you cry
still cant stop thinking about them
when someone says their name you weep
your heart has been shattered into one million peaces
the butterflys in your stomic have become spikes
you get really tence when your around them
and you just want to get away
you want to bury yourself in a hole everytime you see them

nobody really know the real deffination of the word love
i dont think anybody really ever will, I think if we knew the real meaning the word love wouldnt be such a meaningful word.

Comments about Such A Strong Word

Katelynn, this is a true poem. However, the phrase 'you're tense when you're around them' doesn't strike a bell with me. I feel relaxed when with a loved one. I also disagree with the other comment, below, which states that love is difficult to hold on to. Not necessaily - TRUE love has a way of keeping a tight grip! Love, Fran xx ps, Some of your spellings are a little unusual!
Katelynne Love is in the mind but like the body needs sustinence and care.It comes and goes but is like quicksilver in the hands.difficult to hold on to. Nive write, Sid John

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