I Am Unique

This is a wonder world
we all are unique in nature
You are unique
You are great
You are a gift
You are son/daughter of god
Don’t feel you life is meaningless
Say I am
the most important, special, wonderful person in the universe
yes, I am
I have the power
I can do everything just like everyone else
I looked around
Everyone my near dear one
No one is different
I know everyone
I love everyone
I am belongs to everyone
I have got a special gift from god
My purpose is to spread peace in this world
I am exploring life’s wonders
both inside and out
outside and in.
I am not alone
My god & whole world with me
I am belongs to everyone
Everyone is my brothers & sisters
Thus world is my mothers
I gonna Offering simple thanks for this gift of life
before my lord
my life, your life, all life is a gift
We should not waste it
Let’s come celebrate today
Let’s come to make this world a beautiful place
We are unique in our way
However our aim is to bring happiness in this world
Lets come take a promise today
to live with some purposes
our purpose should be one
that's to make bring the peace to this earth


Comments (2)

We share a good many memories, it seems. Wonderful poem. If only my old car could carry me back to the (San Antonio-) Guadelupe. But this did. Thanks. I so enjoyed the mud of memories between my toes. This is a very fine poem - and I so needed pleasant dreams tonight.
very nice poem love the imagery love and peace Trisha