Such Myths Aren'T So Easy To Shatter

Foolish are those who believe they can exist,
As being just pieces of a whole...
That nourishes as they come together,
With indifferences to complain or sit.
Or deposit their selfishness...
In self righteous idol worship.

Believing in divisional circumstances...
They are not connected.
Or can live lives undetected.
And by 'what' or 'who'...
Will allow or accept this?

This Earth is just one of uncountable cells!
Dwelling within this 'mental' cosmos.
And that fact...
Seems to continue to elude those,
Believing they are exclusively God's gifts...
In this Universe!
Such myths aren't so easy to shatter!
Or sit to ponder in limited minds,
For too long.
Or too well!

Even with a progress expressed,
And professed.
They can not escape...
From the reality of their creation!
Much longer in existance.
Prior than the event...
Of their use as an experiment.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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