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Such Things Of Great Beauty Nature's Butterflies

Around the flowering bushes and blossoming trees
They fly in the garden and dance in the breeze
Their browns and whites and spotted colours amazing to the eyes
Such things of great beauty Nature's butterflies

As butterflies they exist for a few days to lay eggs and copulate
Such beautiful life forms Nature does create
They hide under leaves in the thundery showers
And they are even outlived by Nature's wildflowers

The beauty of Nature for all to enjoy
And i love her today as i did when a boy
But the greatest of beauty is born to die
As mortal as you are and as mortal as i

In their many colors of pink, brown, white and gray
They fly in the sunshine of a summer's day
That their lives are brief does seem sad to say
The finest of beauty is quick to decay.

by Francis Duggan

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