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Poem By beautifully broken xxx

When you feel suicidal
And your worlds been torn apart
And all your left with is a broken heart
You don’t think it could get much but it does
As soon as I pick up that knife it can be all over
My pain my sorrows my broken heart can be torn even further apart and I wont feel anything anymore
Nothing at all
But I thought I never ever wanted this to let my pain get this far
For it to feel like I could ruin my life
I really don’t want to but it seems that’s all I can do
Ive given and given but did I ever get back
My heart got broken but did a boy with a glue gun ever appear
The is no stars in my sky anymore
There are no angels for me to lean on
There is nothing in this world for me anymore

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a lot of the time i feel that way i go though a lot but i keep holdin on i guess i say to myself theres not much in the word lefted for me but i pray everday for god to give me the streght to keep pushing forward and i'm still here maybe i say to myself there is a reason i guess for me to live