Suck It Up Buttercup

All alone and unhappy?
Then suck it up buttercup
The more you feel ignored
And unwanted

by susette varga Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Find fulfilment Within yourself You will never Feel lonely again. very good suggestion and advise.. it is dear poetess. love your poem.. tony
Another uplifting piece with a strong message, thx for this!
A motivational poem, powerful expression: If you have no belief In yourself/Then others will not believe/ In you. Again I repeat those last few lines: Find fulfillment/Within yourself/You will never/Feel lonely again..Loved reading it!
hahahahah thanks for your comments... all tongue in cheek but yes sometimes some os us need a good shake to stop feeling sorry for ourselves lol x
A strong poem. It is necessary sometimes to be tough.
I love your poem go girl.
A great positive poem. Suck it up I love.