Sucker Punch

Sometimes the doing of it,
Is to gossip to entertain listening ears...
Shared and overheard by others,
Having fun or just being...
Nosy and inquisitive.

And at others times,
A vindictiveness arises.
With a main purpose focused...
To ruin someone's life.
No matter who the victim is!

This is 'talk'...
Like the taking of chalk,
To scratch against a blackboard used.
Since some have come to seek attention...
To direct an amusement to abuse.

But there are those,
Who refuse to be pulled into arguments.
And they prepare to knock out somebody's lights...
By throwing a sucker punch from nowhere in sight.
That lands a fist!
Shutting mouths opened...
And silencing some lips.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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