IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


Cascades of brightly coloured lights.
Festoon the aisles of shopping malls.
Perhaps a foretaste of delights
that kids expect when Santa call.

Small children with wide open eyes
are hypnotised by this display
Each aisle reveals a fresh surprise
They cannot tear their eyes away.

The harassed mothers can’t persuade
their wide eyed children they must go
For daddy’s dinner must be made
the children just don’t want to know.

An advertising strategy
which works with great efficiency.
It brings the punters thronging in.
They come to look but soon begin.

To purchase with their credit card.
The crafty tactic works again
The merchants reap a rich reward.
Debt ridden punters bear the pain.

They’ve only just cleared last year’s debt
Yet foolishly they overspend.
It’s strange how quickly they forget
the real cost of their plastic friend.


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Comments (3)

And half the time they buy things they don't really want or need, which get shoved into a cupboard and forgotten. The 'rubbish' out there to purchase is amazing! ! ! ! Very well written Ivor, truth will out. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Yah, I hate those loan sharks! A 10.
Immensely gratifying, truth in a nutshell.. but than we have to keep up with the Jones.. havent we as they keep up with the repayments on their HSBCcard...