Is a mixture of love and hate,
But it all seems to go away,
The screams,
The lies,
They float away,
In a place unknown,
They all decay,
Blood and sweat,
Rolling on they say,
How much ur silence disturbs me,
I die in a way,
But it makes me hate and love the things,
You always do,
I love the way u look at me,
But i hate the way u look at him,
Jelousy is a victim,
But silence is a virtue.

(This took me a while to make so tell me what you think)

by Trenton watson

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nice writings- Now he's a man who sits at the table trying to breathe in tiny bites. ....... Surgeons can fuse vertebrae, a welders art, and scrape the ring through which the soul-wires flow as a dentist would clean your teeth. //// Great art of self inner-side
Beautifully penned. A sad situation dealt with love and tenderness. I think father would be most happy looking at hummingbird and freezing.......
one turn of his head toward a hummingbird, wings keeping that brittle life afloat, ... pawned on his children as love. lovely poem, parent, hard work, life, children, family. now sitting and watching in silence......... but with a great fulfillment that his life is spent well......... lovely poem dear poet. tony
When you know there is naught we can do to help alleviate the disease, the greatest thing to do is to love and give of our time. A sad story penned with brilliance. Thanks for sharing. Bob10.
For me the first two lines make me smile, and I relate. Who of us is not, at times, a mystery to ourselves? Then follows the vivid description of his father’s condition. And, as I read it, there is compassion overall in this portrait which avoids being simplistic or sentimental—which I can relate to. For who of us has not had mixed feelings about a parent? -GK
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