(11/09/46 / freelance oregon)

Sudential Plastic Repellent '94

of one and wonder
of time and departure
in themes of sallows eyes
a drift of sweat came along as the dew spoiled a flower
in my backyard a door fell out of the sky
i looked hard at how it didnt break from the fall
inside the colors mailed my eyelids out of whack
constant staring my unimaginable sway
right to the outside of the floor
out the door and on my back
it floats away knowing that
i resisted full arrest when the screen gllowed cleanly
full of reason to make way
the idea of the biblical way of death
gave a preview to me
and i passed away
full of evergreen literacy
the sparkle in my eye made everyone ask if i was ok
but i headed back to the welt of life
and sadly stared at the picture in back of my house
not much strange happenings like the fascinating doorknob splatter
ohh how the world went easy
then i fade off like a morning cloud around the sun its glowing imagry
the stainglass scenery my window is misery
the fresh air decieves me from the lock on the bell
the strike in a doorstep gave me hell
the preview of the show that gave me shelter
in my dearest memories this ones the propeller
to ride me all the way toward the other fate
of life and death in the radiant marks
the unveiling of the persons belief in loss
i wait up for the waking sky
all the stars realize, they cant exist in the brilliance of light
the sun takes part in its spell
draining the water that applys to our blood
raining the sky has nothing to do
but fall down repeatedly
i think its a rule to our cycle
in the desparation tides i find some way
to criticize
this shifting sign

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