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TM (5/08/83 / New York City)


Poem By Tim McLaughlin

Pain too overbearing.
Love lost in the times.
I cry for seemingly no reason.
My world hurts so much.

Pull me out of it.
Release me from the suffering and strife.
Destroy what is me.
End my perception.

I cry for everyone.
But not everyone cries for what I see.
Let us end the old world.
Create one anew,
where I can live without this feeling.

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Comments (1)

Very good poem Tim. Love does bite hard sometime or another, best get it over with early imo. But don't let it make you bitter, which I doubt as your final lines suggest. Write it out as you are, I have been doing it for 38 months now! ! ! lol 9 from an expert of love, in all it's forms Tai