About to float down Lethe - I feel, I need;
thoughts of times gone by, and an old past deed.

Oft to think of past times,
I think ... I wonder ...
who am I, who is the other,
why it's the I who should suffer.

Must be why God made the Mother,
who better to heal pain, my sister or brother?

It's time to live and put the past behind,
for life's sweet beauty you shall find.

It's time for life, let all live again,
let go, forgive all - of past sin.

To others we must all meet and greet,
no other way to find a friend;
if you're looking for that special one,
look there ... just around that bend.

Always remember the pain of others,
there for our love to help their suffers.

Their pain is not always for them to feel,
but to give the rest a chance to love and heal.

by Mike Licht (Rhyet)

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