Suffering Famines Wars Is Where Profit Money Hides

to understand achieve finally
the freedom of all humanity
from apex of greed tyranny

look not to red herring, present political puppet figerheads
but to hidden fingers,1% of 1 % ruling rich elite puppet masters
look to ultimate control, of elected hierarchy state elections

but first let us define fixed struggle wages terms
of contemporary enslavement controlled global prices
we must understand enslavement contract terms

once whips branding irons public beheadings
tortures drawn quartered victims body parts
sent to fear intimidating four corners of nations

past rulers dictators were obvious iron fist emperers
now resident evil hidden in coporate liars are not obvious
$500 Trillion! Not On Forbes Richest People List Rothschilds

have fingers in all their carved out global cut up pies
their webs of deceit topple governments start foreign wars
oil wars water wars profit wars created dieases famines

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

by Terence George Craddock (afterglows echoes of starlight)

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