TMG (NOV.13,1994 / medicare)

Suffering Of A Mother

the rough texture of her bleeding suffering hands
touch the wet blanket from the laundry
her stomach suffers from hunger
not spending a single penny
just to save money for her daughter
for whom she thinks is
in college studying hard in order to graduate

but the mistakes of her daughter, makes this mother unfortunate
for every dropp of beer that goes onto her throat
is equal to every dropp of sweat that falls from her mothers face
her mother suffers from loneliness in a far away place
where she thought she'd have a lot of money

sick of loneliness, hunger and pain
her mother comes home from Spain
dropping her luggage
her mother screams of fear
seeing the sight of her daughter drinking beer
humiliation slaps unto her daughter's face

her mother goes to her room in a hurry
only to see a cradle, her daughter has a baby
she cries in pain
where to start, she doesn't know
for all she knows is her heart is in sorrow
she cant accept the fact that she suffered for so long
only to know she's been fooled for too long

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