GF (9.8.91 / )


You call me every day and night
You call me and e-mail me time after time
You always want to talk
I just want to walk

walk off all this confusion you've placed in my head
I'm not entirely sure if I'm alive or dead
You're confusing me, I'm going crazy
Get off of me- You're suffocating me

You're killing me 'cuz i need a day to myself
To clear my mind and ask for help
But you're always there, breathing down my neck
You're always there, GET OFF MY BACK!

Get off my back so I can walk straight
You want RIGHT NOW but i just want to wait
Have some poatience, give me a break
Let me go, It's getting to be too late

Give me some room so I can breathe
don't ask me questions like 'Don't you love me? '
I don't want to hear your default ring
MAN! LAY OFF! ! I'm suffocating

Now I know what they mean by 'way too attached'
You want to keep movin forward, let me take a few steps back
For one day, can you just let me be?
Love, Please! You're suffocating me

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'you want to keep moving foward, let me take a few steps back' this reminds me of that song from GTA '2 steps foward and 2 steps back' That songs heaps catchy and i like the way you've contrasted that song into your poem it's cool.... i also use parts of other songs in my poems