EM (January 23,1990 / )

Suffocation Is Death

I miss you and the crisp crackle of leaves underfoot
as you ran ahead. I suppose I never really, truly
heard you, even as you sputtered and gasped. (my name)
I’m sure you cried out, terrified of the enveloping
darkness and water, which surrounded and covered your
weak childlike lungs. (please breathe!) I met death myself
once, cold and black, like a lifeless fire pit. I wanted more
for you, than that. Ashes comprised his body, and as he
whispered over me, I inhaled his wretched scent. Your
entire body and soul were soaking wet. Suffocation is death.
I know he must have touched you and squeezed
the life and soul from deep within you. (hold on!) Now
I see you lifeless before me, and I wonder how he
could have unraveled such a precious gift. (my fault)
I never even taught you how to swim. Every time
the rain pours I crumble. Eroded by the raging storm
of denial. My nightmare falters and I fall with you,
against you, into a grave that’s wet. (you’re just a baby)
Your soul wasn’t meant to suffer death. Not yet.
I beg with death, please, take me. (instead)

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quite quite intriguing..absolutely exotic