Sugar Coating The Wholesomeness Of It

How can anyone look at a tree...
And not notice the leaves on it?

It's done!

How can someone not acknowledge,
A greeting said to them heard?
It's done.
Or the disrespect spoken from the lips of children.
And a total breakdown of discipline!

That too is done!

Truth is there.
Available and free.

Perhaps the reason for it not being sought as much...
Or has the popularity that fantasy and delusion flaunts,
Is its attachment and close association with reality!
And many people use that as an excuse not to deal with it!

And today...
Facing truth and reality,
Is more difficult for many...
Than it is to get a child to eat vegetables.
Without sugar coating the wholesomeness of it!
Making it an accepted game to play.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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