Sugar Plum

Scent of spring in the air as I drove the highway south.
Patches of fresh cut grass and apple blossoms caught me reminiscing to my youth.

She baked the cookies with loving care and sold them with smile.
I sat nearby sipping my steaming brew and watched her for awhile.

Such a sweetness and vivaciousness with everyone that came by,
And in a caught up moment she was holding a young mother's babe.

Peering over my newspaper, suddenly Sugar Plum's eyes caught mine.
With an exhilarated sigh, I lowered my eyes and my heart began to race.

I ask her for when at the days end; if she would go for a walk with me.
She readily agreed to my amaze and I felt a tingling in my knees.

We strolled the park and fed the ducks and then it started to rain.
Standing dwarfed under an ageing oak, I watched a single drop
Fall slowly and lovingly from her wet blond curls.

Our eyes met again and I kissed her on the cheek, and yet only half my age.
If I could freeze this moment in time, I will never turn another page.

But past memories told and reality holds, and to Sugar Plum I must say goodbye.
A lesson to learn and now to discern; don't give away what your heart won't deny.

In days ahead and for many reasons I must refrain and always be brave,
But one thing's for certain, before I close life's curtain.
I'll take this celestial memory to my grave.

by Allen T. Hunt

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