CCA (11/22/48 / Ft. Lauderdale Florida)


Sugarland where fairies dwell
Gingerbread men protect it well
Giant mushrooms keep off the rain
Redwood trees the fairy domain

Buried deep from human eyes
A city made where fairies fly
Protecting the forest from evil foes
This, their job only few can know

For at the bridge you cannot pass
All-powerful Trolls still stand fast
Firefly lanterns will forever last
Mystical daydreams here are cast

Sunbeams float on a peppermint mist
Sugar land’s quiet as a morning kiss
Fairies fly deep into hidden homes
Trolls give the day to the gnomes.

Firefly lanterns snuff out their flames
Elf’s and Imp’s come out for games
Wizards rule and harbor the day
Fairies rule the forest so they say

Close you eyes and dream with me
Lollipops, candy canes, Can you see
Dusk falls, fairies scurry, Trolls in sight
Firefly lanterns light up the night

Always watching over you with grace
Keeping all safe in this magical place
Fairies sprinkle sleepy dust in your eyes
Sleep little one, in your dreams fairies fly.

Copyright ©2005 Carole Cookie Arnold


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