Suicidal Emotion

the mind was empty
the soul was not responding to the senses
the world was quiet
the heart was aching
he betrayed her
he coveted other
he denies her
he never fought for her
she was confuse
she fall out of love
she was doomed
she intoxicated herself
the world was not aware
the people around her was not aware
the breeze was gloomy
she force herself to get up
she force herself to run for help
she wants to live but was confused with her deed
the toxic hurt her stomach
the toxic made her bleed to death
she was treated at home by unaware individuals
she was rushed to the hospital after she bloated out
she never expected to live
she wants to die
she needs to die because of shame
the most powerful never allows it
she was given a second life
she suffered the consequences
she suffered the agony
she was in pain
the world was sorry for her
the world was sorry for what she have done
she was treated
she was assisted with too much care
she cried
she swears not to do it again...
she lived
she lives.

by Shelomith Noarbe

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