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Suicidal Mishap
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Suicidal Mishap

Looking over the cliff
I can see the rocks
The waves are crashing
And I don't want to stop

My legs are getting tired
I start to feel weak
The last few days are all I see
The broken promises
The messed up dreams
If only someone had noticed me

It hurts to even think about it
So I clear my mind and think ahead
With just one plunge I'll be dead
Along with all that ails me
The disgusting memories forever erased

But I can't bring myself to let go
My toes still wrapped around the rocks
I don't know just how to jump

So I stand afraid to jump and terrified to climb down
Back to the life as it were before
Now I'll wait for my legs to give out

One swift wind and a tremble I make
Now I'm falling my legs did break
Next my back as it hit the rocks
What's next after this terrible shock

It was supposed to be swift but now Im suffering
Bleeding out ever so slowly
The memories seem a little less horrible
Any life at all would be more memorable

But it's too late for regrets
After 7 grueling hours Im finally dead

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