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Suicidal Thoughts
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Suicidal Thoughts

Poem By Emma Butler

Cut up and die,
Veins good enough to slice this time,
My apathetic release from this world.

Because i am the girl you never took the time to notice.
And i am the girl who cried herself to sleep each night.
Im the girl who was never good enough for you.
Im the girl you have slowly destroyed with your hate.

This is to pathetic.
So i shall take it a step further and cry you a river whilst i drag this blade across my veins.
I never wanted it to end this way.
I just wanted to be accepted by you.
But you made me feel rejected.
You made me feel alone.

Now your the one dragging this blade threw my veins.
Numbing all pain whilst i slip away.
Don't you think i look pretty crying?
Don’t you think i look pretty dieing in your arms?

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Comments (5)

Emma I dont think I could ever find words to appreciate your poem, its beautiful. well done! :)
i wholly agree with the other comments. poweful stuff, wonderfully and vividly expressed. a talent that you should use and that we do not want to lose. WE care, take care. Neville.
powerful stuff! not afraid to say such dark things. not afraid to look at death in all its glory. Right on!
Beautifully written, painfully sad. It is worth remembering that no-one who decides against commiting suicide regrets that decision, and no-one who tries and fails wishes they had succeeded 12 months on. Be strong, live long, be happy. Use your powerful poetry as therapy (and speak to people...) Best wishes, Jon.
A very sad poem and no person is worth taking your life. Forget about whoever hurt you and go with your life. Make your self happy, someone would feel real lucky to find you. Put your pain on paper and leave it there. I care.... Sincerely, Donna