Don't ever think of Suicide
Don't let it come to mind
It never solves the mystery
of the life you leave behind.

It never solves the agony
of one pure tortured soul.

What has gone on before
Just continues on a roll.

They say the grass is greener
On the 'Other side'

Will it be any greener
if by you're hand you died?

And the legacy you leave
will be of agony and tears.

Carrying so much pain with you
alone for many years.

As those years become
It is only then you'll see,

That you're problems
never left you -

You just left you're

by Wayne Leon Learmond

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my dear wayne nobody has come back and told us that the grass is greener on the other side so i can honestly say that suicide is a bad choice if i thought it was better i would be over there myself, but we all know it is a bad choice any form of life is better suicide is just a cop-out suicide poems are a depressing form of poetry try writing about sunny days or even rainy ones Warm regards AJS