It's Tearing Me Appart

I can't even begin to show,
And never will I let you know,
How I really feel for you,
It's tearing me appart,
My heart's in two,
I really need to let you go,
And this pain I will never show,
But if you just gave me a shot,
Please, love me? Love me not?
I try to be myslef with you,
But it's just something I can't do,
I don't know how I fell this hard,
But I can't stop, this feeling disbarred,
I can never openly say,
How I feel for you, or in what way,
You really mean the world to me,
How stupid can I be! ?
I've really tried to play my part,
But it's all going to end with a broken heart,
I'd rather be ny your side,
Than catching teardrops, trying to hide,
I'm really good at not letting it show,
I'm not so good at letting you go,
I really need to get over you,
But my every attempt just falls through,
I guess, all in all, this really sucks,
I can't forget those sneaky looks,
Our eyes meet across this space,
Your eyes catch mine, it's like a race,
Sometimes you really make me believe,
You want to stay and never leave,
But in the end, I figure it's lies,
But I have no proof, you have no ties,
You think so much of yourself,
I think so little of my health,
I smoke, I drink and I get high,
I really should wave you goodbye,
I wish I could make you see,
If only you could see me.

by Autum Foster

Comments (2)

haha wow, this sound a bit like a song if said correctly. very nice rhyme scheme very impressive.
One who feels so powerfully the negative influences will also, one day, feel all the love and light too. Don't waste your special gifts because others let you down. Hold fast and your time will surely come. Shaun.