How do I go?
Do I go slowly and painfully?
Through knife or razor?
Or do I go fast and easy?
Through gun or over dose?
To get away from all this depression
No one will care that I go
Just my daddy will care
Because he is the only one keeping me from doing it right now
I want to go because I hate them
Them as in the one they call mommy
Them as in the one they call Victoria
Them as in the one they call Destiny
Them as in my own family
Always bullying and hating on me
I can't stand it
I cry my self to sleep
Except for when my daddy is near
I'm hated more than loved
So I guess majority rules
I must go now
Don't bother to say goodbye
Just know that I love my daddy
And I'm gone because of mommy, Victoria, and Destiny.


by Megan Kinsey

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