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I look in the mirror everyday just hoping that the girl I once saw would be looking back at me.
Everday becomes a bigger disappointment than the last.
Who is this girl I see looking back at me?
Where did she come from and how can I get her to go away?
Since she has been here I have felt nothing but sadness, hate and confusion.
She has caused me so much pain, that I just want her to feel the pain too.
I have tried to cut her out, drink her out and drug her out, but it only seems to make her appear stronger.
I need the old girl back before she is lost forever, but what will it take to get her back?
What must I do?
Im standing here looking in the mirror once again and the girl looking back at me is telling me that she is here to stay.
She said that the only way to get rid of her is to make her pour out through my veins.
Now four hours later I sit in the bathtub with the water high and a razor blade in one hand.
All I can think is how happy I am going to be once she is gone.
So, I slice one wrist and watch the blood pour from my veins.
I instantly feel her leaving me, so I slice the other wrist.
Now I sit and wait as she finally leaves my body.
Im feeling tired now, maybe I will go to sleep and wake when shes gone.

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