(03/16/90 / Seoul)


Suicide is my thought of dying,
Crawling out of hole I made,
Suicide is my only way out of my pain I feel,
Explain why I can’t kill or hurt myself,
This is priceless for every suicidal thoughts,
The thoughts that runs through my head,
The things you have said,
The way you racquet me,
The way you make fun of me,
This is why I want to die,
Suicide is my only way out,
The way out of the pain you have caused me see.

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Ah! Anguish thoughts sweeps rationale thought Nice poem
A very promising new sun is shining in the poem. Suicide is never a way out. Nicely crafted poem.
when if I told you all that it is a way out? ........that you are loved and cared about deeply. That there is a place where you can live and no one could harm you. That no matter how dark or alone you may feel....He's right there next to you. holding your hand in the dark times and carrying you through the difficult trails., ..God can save you from this darkness. if you let him he can take away the hart and pain......Jesus loves you....deeper then you know.....call on him...he's waiting.
i think that poem is really nice. deep and true. But you must know suicide isnt the only way out although it may seem like it at times. I know believe me. I've had my expierences. Now this saturday is my friends 2years since shes been gone. Its tough. but your not alone really your not. I try to help suicidal people alot.If im able to. your not alone tho. even tho i write the same type of poems..life really is to precious to be taken by suicide. good poem.
That poem was deep, verry nice. I write suicide poems like that. Are you suicidal? I wouldnt care (beacuse I am, duh...)