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Because suicide is simple
I take my own life
To rid myself of your pain
I cut deeply with this knife.
I bleed for you
Because you loved me.
As my vision blurs
I can clearly see.
The bonds we shared
And words we spoke.
The lies we told
And promises we broke.
It was all for nothing
As I'm nearing the end.
While I'm slipping away
I call out for a friend.
Not an audible squeak
But written in rhyme.
It says 'When you read this,
It will be my time.
I've taken it all
and had more than my fill.
I was battered and broken
Yet I love you still.
That's why I have done this,
To free me from this hell.
Without me you'll see
Life goes on just as well.
With love comes the misery.
This will always hold true.
Our love was so strong
But beneath hatred grew.
One little fight
Was all that it took
All that time wasted,
And now please just look.
This isn't what you wanted.
Not at all. Not one bit.
But you pushed me to the edge,
And i was sick of your shit.
Now you have to live with
This reality in mind.
A world without me.
How could you be so blind?
The signs were all there.
All right in plain sight.
But you're too late now.
I bid you goodnight.'
As you look at this note
I know you're trembling with fear.
For this was the end
Of someone you held dear.
Now this is a lesson.
Let the little problems pass.
Because the ones that you cherish,
Will be the ones that will last.

May 12,2006

by Dion Webster

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That was really amazing. It's not so often you find something written so well that you can feel it. :)