hey its peter here heres a poem/ life story through our eyes

I feel him suffering, I feel him drowning, Hes fighting suicidal thoughts desperately clinging to reality. I swear I want to help him, oh god hes dying slow please god help him, but we can't do shit.

Hes haunted by his anxiety so he doesn't say shit. I want to take him home, ease him in and let him try it, let him speak till his heart is empty of the pain he carrys. But hes depressed and shuts me out so i couldn't speak or see him.

Were both grown up now and its been quite some time since I talked to him, so I thought i'd pop in and say hey! . But it started getting dark and we were hanging in the air, it was hard to breathe yet everything was fine because we could no longer feel a thing... we're happy now.

huh? prolly makes more sense if u have a twisted or split personality.

by Fuck Life

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I do not have the knowledge to help you in your sorrows, but I want to say that your poem is well written and hauntingly beautiful. I hope very much that you will continue writing and share your thoughts with us.
Your interesting write resonates well with observations in my nursing career which sometimes involved caring for disturbed, traumarised young people so I couldn't help but think of a dissociative identity disorder going on in this heartbreaking cry for help...
but if you have experienced a incredibly emotional straining event you will understand this Im sorry i didnt stop you im sorry i done nothing sit back and watched im sorry for everything life, suffering, events of life, love, comforting.. all these points come in, in your poem dear poet. tony