JS (a sun bathed day in the middle of winter / the streets of imagination)


Standing on the edge of a cliff
The wind tumbling through my hair
The exhilaration of being on the edge
Rushing through my veins
Imagining a head first dive
Wouldn’t it feel so good to escape
All this pain building up inside
It’s showing in my eyes
And effecting those around me
Just take a dive fall just like I fell for you
Hard and fast with a sudden stop at the end

A change of scene, here I am
Teary eyes fixated on a gleaming knife
My exit from pain with a silver lining
Crimson blood spilling everywhere
Just like my heart that day
Bleeding for you like I always have

Cold and heavy the gun in my hands
Firm and reliable unlike my shaky hold
Your face I see in my mind
Pain wells up inside spreading everywhere
An unsteady pull of the trigger
And through my head it goes
I fall to the floor my body as cold as ice

My body wracked with tears
Cold hands gripping a bottle
The pills dancing rhythmically inside
Swallowing them and I see your eyes
Endless pools of brown that I drown in
I lay down my head to sleep
Exiting the world, look at what you did

All of that sounds so good
Just to leave, see my father in heaven
But so much is holding me back
You, my friends, the wonders of life
And so I still sit writing my pains
Tears streaming down my face
Wishing you still loved me back

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