That sycamore leaf! I knew it fell
Upon my heart as well
As on the head of my dear May,
And I have brooded all the night
In fear I would be left alone
With all my thoughts as cold as stone,
Fancying what words to say.
But with the blessed gift of light
The faint delusions passed away,
I raised the casement to the thrill
Of morn, a bird upon the sill
Alit and sang a song so gay,
Its echo follows, follows still:
So all night's phantoms fly with day.

by William Bell Scott

Comments (2)

The thought of killing mysel has plagued me many a time but now it is time to move on and realize that time will heal, you should talk to someone about the way you feel a friend perhaps. Be strong cry, scream do whatever it is you need to do to release yourself from her.
If she knows you are doing this to yourself and still doesn't come back. She is not the one... you don't need somebody to make the cuts deeper... you need somebody to heal them.