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JLW (23rd July 1990 / Birmingham)


Poem By James Lee Watts

Slit my throat,
Slit my arms,
Stab that knife in both of my palms,

Get me out I want to go,
The pain in my eyes never seems to show,
Mom and Dad just don’t see, what she really meant to me,
My love for her will always be,

As the blood pours away from my lifeless heart,
I think of her name and carve it deep, a work of art,
I lie there and numb the pain,
My love for her is driving me insane…

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The thought of killing mysel has plagued me many a time but now it is time to move on and realize that time will heal, you should talk to someone about the way you feel a friend perhaps. Be strong cry, scream do whatever it is you need to do to release yourself from her.
If she knows you are doing this to yourself and still doesn't come back. She is not the one... you don't need somebody to make the cuts deeper... you need somebody to heal them.