SM (feb 17th 93 / in a hospital in columbus)


Suicide isn't fun,
so don't try it.

Suicide isn't quick,
it's long and painful.

Suicde never used to be me,
but now it is.

Suicide was never calming,
always away to have so much pain it didn't hurt anymore.

Suicide has to be a blade,
so don't get pricked.

Suicide is apart of love,
so don't love the wrong people.

Suicide and death are close,
so don't flirt with them.

Suicide never tells the the truth,
always belive the opposite.

Suicide kills slowly,
keep that in mind.

Suicide will always be here,
so get used to it.

Suicide takes over,
don't let it.

Suicide will eventually bite you,
bite back harder.

Suicide will never die,
you will but it won't be to it.

Suicide works well with your wrist,
so don't let it.

Suicide is always there you just can't see it,
so open your eyes.

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Pitchaimani10@gmail con
Wow, I'm almost shocked about how true this is.
I love this poem, really expresses what I am feeling.
this is a really good eye opener i had loads of suicide attempts and this has really opened my eyes Thank you
All true, and a great warning to the unwary!
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