Suicide isn't fun,
so don't try it.

Suicide isn't quick,

by Sarah matthews Click to read full poem

Comments about Suicide

9952362307 29 Oct 2018 09:27
Pitchaimani10@gmail con
Alex Fairbairn 17 Feb 2009 07:31
Wow, I'm almost shocked about how true this is.
Paul Buckley 02 Apr 2008 11:44
I love this poem, really expresses what I am feeling.
Stacey Manley 08 Feb 2008 04:47
this is a really good eye opener i had loads of suicide attempts and this has really opened my eyes Thank you
Chris Mendros 20 Aug 2007 03:37
All true, and a great warning to the unwary!
Tyler Markland 28 Jul 2007 02:00
nicely written.. the option is always there... we just have to know when to take it
Monkey Mendez 25 Apr 2007 07:57
Your poem is very cool. Just so, You could push someone over the edge with that.
Strif Trestion 08 Apr 2007 12:25
people don't really comment here do they. they just read.
Lizbeth Castillo 03 Apr 2007 02:57
i luv dis poem its gud it really has very strong feelings but i luv it
Cassie Randall 29 Mar 2007 07:29
very well written poem with a very important theme. well done
Tammara Boyce 29 Mar 2007 07:10
that poem has strong thoughts to it. gud writing. - Tammara