You say you want to die
That life isn't worth living.
You can't understand
Why to you life was given.

You can't see your purpose,
a future or a hope,
You just want to die,
You don't think you can cope.

There's so many worries
in your life today
And you just want
to make them go away.

But please don't choose
this way out
Go to God
He knows all about

Your life, and why you're here,
He has a plan for you.
Go to Him
He'll show you what to do,

go to the shepherd,
let Him be your guide
do this for me, as well as yourself
cause I dont know what I'd do if you died.

Life wouldn't be the same
I'd even ask myself
the same questions you asked
before you left me on the shelf.
Is life worth living?

Can I go on?
Can I make it
through another dawn?
Thinking about this,

I realized something new,
The devil just wants to stop
God's plan for you.
So please don't let him win,
be the stronger man,

Go to God
follow His plan.
And I'm sure I can trust, and believe,
that this plan He has will eventually be

flourished and beautiful,
flowing like the sea.

by beautiful imperfection

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