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she drowns her face in tears
as she lays apon her bed
thinking of her fears
wishing she was dead

she cuts herself when she is mad
wants to kill herself when she is sad
never thinking bout herself
always thinking of someone else

theres one boy keeping her alive
she says they would make a perfect pair
he doesnt really like her
but she doesnt really care

she crys and crys
as her hearts breaks
she saw him kiss a girl
for god fricken sake

as she lays in her bed
crying away
she thinks and thinks
doesnt want to live
not tomorrow or today

she holds a knife in her hand
a gun in another
she writes and writes
about how it doesnt matter
forget it
she is done

she was so sad its a fright
cried the whole time
so she thought even more
and committed suicide that night
with this one little poem
laying by her side.

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